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Fulfil Your Dream of Becoming a Parent Using Effective IVF Treatment in Bangalore

Changing lifestyles, dietary preferences, genetic predispositions, health conditions and aging are just a few common ones from the vast list of factors that lead to infertility issues. Aspiring parents may end up with irregular menstrual cycles, dysfunctional fallopian tubes, low sperm counts, etc., make conceiving challenging. The desire to become parents to an own child can often look farsighted or impossible.

Artificial reproductive treatments (ARTs) come to the rescue in such circumstances. While this refers to a group of treatments, IVF (in-vitro fertilization) is one of the most popular pregnancy inducers, known for its sophisticated methods and success rates. Today, several child-births have been possible thanks to IVF. The best part certainly is that you cannot distinguish between children born by natural fertilization processes and those born through IVF method. Even better news is that the process is not hard to find anymore, and Neofertility Clinic is one of the best IVF centers in Bangalore!

Fertilization in simple words involves the fusing of the genetic material carried by the egg cell (the female gamete), and the sperm (the male gamete). As a result of sexual intercourse, the sperms ejaculated by the male enter the female reproductive tract and fuse with the egg cell present in the oviduct. When this fusion is hindered for any reason, an alternative fusion of the parent gametes under laboratory conditions is performed, referred to as “IVF”.

The IVF procedure, nevertheless, is not as simple as it sounds. It consists of a complex series of steps that must be carefully calculated and well-timed. This might demand tremendous patience and punctuality through multiple trials. Visit the Neofertility Clinic, one of the most trustworthy IVF centers in Bangalore.

Here is a bird’s eye-view of your guide to the steps in IVF;

  • Stimulation: the ovaries are generally stimulated each month following the menstrual cycle by certain hormones in the natural bodily process. When stimulation is in doubt, one of the same hormones is injected repeatedly for about ten days to stimulate the follicles to enlarge in size and produce an egg. Monitoring through ultrasounds during this period is crucial.
  • Retrieval: A sterile probe-led needle is passed into the vaginal wall to rupture the egg and draw the contents. This needs to be approved by an embryologist.
  • The eggs and sperms are then left in an incubator to fertilize, and the number of eggs that get fertilized are observed the following day.
  • The embryo formed is finally inserted painlessly into the would-be-mother’s uterus using a catheter. The female’s bladder needs to be full during this process. This step takes only a few minutes.

Visit the Neofertility Clinic, one of the most successful IVF centers in Bangalore and let parenthood not be a dream anymore!