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Freezing Imbros is the Way Forward, Not Eggs

Being part of the fast forward life, it becomes a bit tough to pay attention to our life. We do keep thinking about our career. In between all this, getting married at the ideal age is circumvented. Moreover, there is no wonder that we all want a happy family. However, how can we think to compromise with the career? Fortunately, medical science is having the answer to it.

Questions Popping Up In Your Mind –

But still, there are so many people running confused about freezing eggs vs freezing embryos. Most of us get confused that what is the major difference in between these two. There would be many questions you probably have in your mind such as –

  • If they are frozen
  • If eggs are thawed
  • If eggs are fertilized before or after
  • When you should go ahead with the step of fertilizing those eggs

Detailed Information About The Process Of Freezing Eggs vs Freezing Embryos

First, the basis of both procedures is quite the same. They are injected in between 8-12 days having hormone medication. What they do is stimulating the ovaries so that more eggs could be produced. Here, you might be thinking that why more eggs are required. It is because since every egg would get fertilized and bring a baby to you. If you think that age matter in this way, you are a bit wrong. It does not matter how young you are. Going with the option of freezing multiple eggs can easily enhance the chances to find out the healthy eggs later on. Having more eggs means, you will have more potential. Make sure you have chosen the right place. The best Fertility Specialist Bangalore is just a click away from you. Go with the best treatment to churn out more benefits. After that mature eggs are accumulated from the ovaries and frozen using liquid nitrogen.

Difference Between Freezing Eggs Vs Freezing Embryos –

Vitrification is an advanced freezing technique and it has also contributed a lot to eliminate the difference. Going with this latest technique, the survival rate gets increased by 90% of eggs and 95% of embryos. Moreover, frozen embryo tends to work a bit more. It needs a variety of eggs so that can easily be fertilized later on to create a few embryos. Choosing reputed iui Clinic In Bangalore means you would not have to trouble anymore regarding this.  Freezing embryos actually brings more information in front of you such as how many eggs were healthy ideally to fertilize and the go-ahead for more development.

Conclusion –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the ideal option and find the best results without getting confused.