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Drink More Water If You are Going to Have IVF Treatment

With millions of biological babies born every year around the world the awareness of IVF and its importance is growing every day.  Along with it, the necessary precautions for successful IVF delivery are the hot topic nowadays.  Since one out of five women has less chance of normal pregnancy, it is the fertility treatments like IVF which is a boon to make motherhood possible to everyone.

Drinking water is one of the fundamental necessities for anyone to live in this world.  And this becomes more important for pregnant women.  And that too for those who have conceived by way of IVF it becomes prominent to be hydrated always.  The basic mantra for IVF treatment is Drink more water is good for you. The more, the merrier for successful IVF deliveries when it comes to drinking water. 

Be Hydrated Throughout The Pregnancy Period:

It is advised by experienced doctors in IVF treatment that being hydrated throughout the IVF process facilitates successful deliveries.  Drink, drink and drink more of water is the thumb rule every pregnant mother should follow for not only their proper health but also to that of their baby.


If pregnant women are not drinking enough water or drinking more of sodas, caffeine or even alcohol it could lead to a condition called dehydration.  It could affect many parts of the mother and also the growth of the baby. It will harm the IVF process and could reduce the chances of successful delivery.

Drinking Water For Better Chances Of Conception:

Water hydrates the cervical mucus for the smooth travel of the sperm through it and causes fertility. On the contrary, if the women are dehydrated the cervical mucus will become thin and makes it difficult for the sperm to pass through it and thus result in infertility of the women. 

Hormone Secretion:

To produce sufficient eggs women need to secrete more hormones.  For secreting more hormones water is the essential ingredient.   Without adequate water and nutrients, the women cannot produce necessary hormones and thus result in infertility.

Water For Fetal Health:

From the moment of becoming pregnant, it is pertinent to drink sufficient water.  It helps carry the nutrients to the placenta and a vital part in all aspects of fetal development.  Without water, it is impossible for the baby even to survive.  Also, the proper growth of the baby with sufficient water makes its IQ levels also increase.

Conclusion –

Hence consulting the specialist of Neo Fertility clinic for more facts about the importance of water for IVF treatments can be known.  It will help deliver healthy babies with the IQs of Einstein.