Color Doppler Scan Bangalore

Neo Fertility Clinic is a renowned colour doppler ultrasound center in Bangalore. Due to our professionalism, transparency, fast response, highly accurate scan reports, and medical ethics, patients love us to have their colour doppler ultrasound scanning.

What is colour doppler ultrasound?

Colour doppler ultrasound provides doctors with an alternative to X-rays and injections for viewing what is happening inside your body. Instead, it transforms audio waves into visuals. It can be used by your doctor to check for problems with blood flow, such as clots in your veins or blockages in your arteries.

It’s one of the primary methods for testing for deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a condition in which blood clots form in deep body veins, typically in the legs. DVT can result in more serious issues, like a lung clot. It might endanger life. So if you have symptoms, it’s critical to get tested.

Why do we recommend colour doppler ultrasound?

At the clinic, we recommend it when a patient claims to have DVT symptoms such as leg swelling/pain. Colour doppler ultrasound is highly effective in a lot of cases. However, it is not good at finding clots in your small blood vessels in your calf or pelvis.

In addition to finding clots, we recommend it to:

  • Examine blood flow in your arteries, veins, and heart
  • Look for blocked or narrowed arteries
  • See how blood flows after treatment
  • Look for bulging in an artery, an aneurysm

When it’s done on your belly, it can help find:

  • Blood flow problems with your kidneys, liver, spleen, or pancreas
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • It can also be used to check on blood flow to your baby during pregnancy

Colour doppler ultrasound process 

On a table, you will typically be on your back. A gel will be applied to the area to be tested by your doctor or a technician. You get better outcomes and the sound waves travel more easily as a result. They will then apply a small device to your skin after that. The object resembles a wand or a microphone.

The tool emits sound waves into your body as they move it around. Your blood cells, organs, and other bodily tissues act as reflection surfaces for the waves, which then return to the source. The device will exert some pressure on you, but unless you are particularly sensitive, it won’t hurt. All the sound waves are processed by a computer to create moving pictures that can be viewed in real time on a screen. You simply wipe the gel off your body after the test is finished, and you’re good to go. Normally, it takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Doppler ultrasound results are available very quickly. Even though they are not medical professionals, some test administrators have ultrasound training. Even then, your doctor has access to the images right away. This test uses no radiation, is extremely safe, and is painless.